Who are we

VOF Plantendienst is an International manufacturer of 100% Refined Cooking Oil around the world.
The main products are Refined Sunflower, Refined Corn Oil, Wheat, Barley, Yellow Corn,Sunflower seeds, Lentils.

We are a proud player in manufacturing/supplying  the food industry. The company is located in the Netherlands. We have built up experience over the years in manufacturing Refined sunflower oil ,Refined corn oil as well as trading in grains and cereals over the world.

VOF Plantendienst can be characterized by it’s flexibility, pragmatism and quick response to changing market conditions. We offer best possible solutions for our client’s logistical needs and quality demands. We firmly believe that we can build and maintain a strong relationship with each client by continually ensuring strict measures in quality control, offering competitive prices and professional services.
Through years of experience, our team of traders have had a great understanding of the workings of the international food commodity market. Combined with our dedication and professionalism this makes us the first option as your global manufacturer and exporter.

Our Mission

The main aim of VOF Plantendienst is to make the oil suitable for human consumption. This involves making the oil flavorless, odorless, change in color, change in the crystal habit, rearrangement of their molecular structure and to make the extracted or mechanically pressed oil suitable as per our requirements.

Another reason for the VOF Plantendienst is to obtain triglycerides with high yield and purity, and to produce value added co-products from processing stages like Degumming, Neutralization, Bleaching,Dewaxing/Winterization and Deodorizing.


VOF Plantendienst has achieved full efficiency and is producing world class, quality products.

Full integration ensures that VOF Plantendienst is one of the more cost efficient producers in the Netherlands.

Our Production, both equipments and processes have been subjected to the most stringent audits by some of the Netherlands premier Food Companies , some of whom we now supply.

VOF Plantendienst has assembled the experienced, management & technical teams which is required to operate such highly automated, specialised plant & equipments.

The existing platform and footprint of the manufacturing plant is specifically designed to allow expansion through all parts of the process.

Market Sectors

VOF Plantendienst manufactures  Certified Non-gmo Refined sunflower oil, corn oil,wheat,barley,corn,coriander,lentils  to some of Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA and South America’s leading food manufacturers  directly from our facilities.

We can cater for a variety of needs including specific requirements as requested by each individual customer.

We export directly or via commercial partners to the USA, New Zealand, India, Asia, Middle east,South America,

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary,  we supply many mid-sized food manufacturers with wheat grain,barley,lentils,oil seeds, refined sunflower and corn oil and custom made speciality blends.

VOF Plantendienst Foodservice Division pack and supply a variety of culinary oils & speciality blends to cater for the needs of the Restaurant and Catering markets, all supplied through an extensive network of distributors.

100% Dedication

In order to be able to add value to our clients organisation, we need to work vigorously on innovation, flexibility, and competitive based price possessing 100% dedication. It is the company’s mission to respond quickly, adaptable and co-operative to changing world markets. We offer custom-made solutions to our customers in the Oil and Food industry.

Our dedication in the trading field is reflected through:

With these diversified implementations in business we have acquired a good reputation as a reliable, client driven, innovative and competent trade partner in current business world.